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May 27, 2016

Eugene Knapik speaks with banjo builder Mike Chew of Dogwood Banjos, from his workshop in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Jan 31, 2016

On today's podcast, Eugene Knapik reads 3 stories from his story set, The Lazy Allen Stories. Visit to read all the Lazy Allen Stories. There are currently 7 stories available on the site. 

Nov 25, 2015

Eugene Knapik talks to Lorraine Wilson at Peticure Paws, while Memphis the Newfoundland gets groomed.

Oct 13, 2015

Eugene Knapik talks about foraging for wild mushrooms, including oyster mushrooms, lobster mushrooms, chanterelles, boletes, and more. It is not difficult to identify some of the more common edible mushrooms in Ontario forests, but it takes some careful study.

Please be very careful about eating any mushroom you find outside of a grocery store. Before eating any mushroom be sure you can identify it as a safe edible. As the old saying goes, "there are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters....but there are no old, bold mushroom hunters."

Sep 19, 2015

In Episode 4, Eugene Knapik interviews artist and film maker Candy Minx about her Candy Minx World Peace Reading list.

Sep 9, 2015

Today's podcast features an in-depth interview with Toronto's vintage poster experts, Valerie and Jim Clark. Valerie and Jim are co-owners of I Desire Vintage Posters here in Toronto

Aug 16, 2015

We're talking tomatoes and perennials today with Jennifer Arnott. Jennifer is a fantastic gardener, who grows some might fine heirloom tomatoes, and today she offers up some tips to help out your tomato garden.

Jennifer also grows a lush and creative urban perennial garden here in Toronto. I asked her for some suggestions for unique perennials to jazz up your garden.

Jennifer Arnott is the president of the Roselands Horticultural Society. Visit her blog at

Aug 4, 2015

27th Street is Eugene Knapik's podcast, and is an extension of the 27th Street blog, which is located at Episode 1 contains an interview with Sheila Gregory and a Storytime segment called Red Striped Socks. It also features banjo playing by Eugene Knapik.